FSRC Services

The FSRC conducts a variety of research and can oversee: telephone surveys, mail surveys, internet surveys, intercept and in-person surveys, focus groups, data management and analysis, grant support, and program evaluation.

As an auxiliary of the University, the FSRC accepts proposals for funded survey research from both University-based entities and outside sources, including government entities at all levels, non-profit organizations and associations, as well as private businesses. Our faculty and staff are glad to assist in proposal development and grant writing endeavors. For further information, please contact us at 352-392-3475.

Telephone Surveys

The Florida Survey Research Center handles all aspects of telephone research — questionnaire development, population sampling, telephone interviewing, data management, and data analysis.

The FSRC emphasizes quality control. Experienced supervisors, questionnaire pre-testing, extensive interviewer training, telephone monitoring systems, and advanced computer programs ensure high quality results. The FSRC is a modern research facility, utilizing a CATI (computer assisted telephone interviewing) system, an interactive front-end computer system that aids interviewers in asking questions over the telephone. The answers are keyed into the computer system immediately by the interviewer. The CATI system helps prevent errors as it prompts the researcher to ask correct questions based on built-in skip patterns and eliminates out-of-range responses. This supports extremely complicated questioning patterns, branching, and multiple survey designs for the same project. Data are automatically and instantaneously recorded into an ASCII database. The data are then analyzed using the comprehensive statistical analysis package, the Statistical Analysis System (SAS).

Mail Surveys

The Florida Survey Research Center handles all aspects of mail surveys — questionnaire development and design, population sampling, printing and mailing (through UF Mail & Document Services), data entry and management, and data analysis.

Internet Surveys

The Florida Survey Research Center CATI system is web-based and allows for remote, password encrypted entry for completion of internet surveys.  For organizations with ready access to email address samples, the FSRC provides questionnaire development and coding, respondent contact (via email), data collection and management, and data analysis services for internet-based surveying.

Intercept & In-Person Surveys

The Florida Survey Research Center handles all aspects of intercept and in-person surveys — questionnaire development and design, population sampling, printing, data collection and management, and data analysis.  Our Field Research Director supervises in-field surveys, whether door-to-door or intercept, which are completed by experienced FSRC interviewers who travel to the implementation site.

Focus Groups

The Florida Survey Research Center manages all services related to developing, implementing, and summarizing focus groups.  The FSRC develops focus group protocols to lead targeted discussions; recruits participants; makes all arrangements to implement focus groups (i.e. identifying locations, audio and video recording, refreshments); providing stipends to participants; providing experienced moderators to lead discussions; providing transcription services; and, providing summary reports and analysis of focus group discussions.

Data Management & Analysis

The Florida Survey Research Center provides data management and analysis services on both primary and secondary data.  The FSRC can assist in merging/combining data collected from multiple sources; constructing a data set for statistical analysis; and, conducting univarite, bivariate, and multivariate statistical analyses as appropriate for the data.

The FSRC also has extensive experience in data entry – our staff can complete data entry for survey instruments collected in a number of formats.

Grant Support & Assistance

The Florida Survey Research Center works with clients to provide information regarding data collection and analysis as part of grant submissions.  We routinely partner with researchers across disciplines to conduct sampling, data collection, and data analysis tasks as part of grant-based projects.

Program Evaluation

The Florida Survey Research Center has expertise and extensive experience in conducting program evaluations. The FSRC can conduct process evaluations to improve program performance or outcome evaluations to determine program effectiveness. The FSRC can assist programs in meeting requirements set by funding agencies to evaluate programs.  FSRC Director, Dr. Michael Scicchitano, teaches a graduate course in program evaluation in the Department of Political Science.