Workforce Evaluation

One of the biggest challenges faced by providers of workforce services is determining the satisfaction of their customers—both individuals who receive training and services as well as businesses that employ these individuals.

Only the most basic information about the services that you provide to individuals or businesses is available from the three state-mandated satisfaction questions:

  • Overall how satisfied are you with the services you received?
  • How well did the services you received meet your expectations?
  • How well did the services you received compare to your ideal?

Most importantly, these three questions do not permit you to identify problems with the services that you provide nor the specific concerns of the individuals and businesses that you serve. Identifying issues with the services that you provide is crucial for promoting continual improvement of your system. More important to customer satisfaction, however, is identifying specific problems of individuals and businesses served. Effective customer satisfaction requires the identification and correction of the real or perceived problems of your customers.

The Florida Survey Research Center (FSRC) can provide you with the information you need to evaluate your workforce program. Our versatile workforce survey instruments provide you with the opportunity to insert customized questions about specific services you provide or situations unique to the clients or region you serve.

The Florida Survey Research Center has extensive experience in developing and implementing customer satisfaction surveys for workforce and human service providers, governments, private businesses, and non-profit organizations. Some of the customer satisfaction projects that the FSRC has implemented are as follows:

  • A comprehensive statewide assessment of Vocational Rehabilitation Services clients in the state of Florida
  • Countywide assessments of Florida Institute for Workforce Innovation clients in Alachua and Bradford Counties
  • University of Florida-based assessments of Welfare-to-Work clients
  • Countywide assessments of “underemployment” in Alachua and Bradford
  • Occupational Trend Studies and employment surveys for the Alachua County Chamber of Commerce, Henderson County, and Hernando County

The FSRC, a research center located at the University of Florida, can provide you with high-quality customer satisfaction research.