Research on Crime, Law, & Criminal Justice Systems & Cases

The Florida Survey Research Center (FSRC) has extensive experience conducting surveys for and about an array of policing and criminal justice organizations. The FSRC can help local policing agencies evaluate the services they provide, conduct community needs assessments, and/or assess the attitudes of citizens regarding programs, employees, or specific issues. The FSRC can also help researchers and government organizations gather and analyze secondary crime data or collect data regarding citizens’ experiences with crime or the criminal justice system. In addition, the FSRC has extensive experience implementing surveys regarding citizens’ awareness of, and opinions regarding, specific legal cases.

The FSRC has implemented a variety of studies for various county, state, and federal entities, as well as private practitioners. Past and current clients include the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office; the Federal Public Defender’s Office; the Florida Public Defender’s Office; the Florida Bar; and, the Loss Prevention Research Council among others. The FSRC has implemented research with grant funds from the National Institute of Justice, and research conducted by the FSRC has been published in academic journals and presented at academic conferences. The FSRC has conducted both quantitative and qualitative projects related to crime and policing.

Some of these research projects are summarized below:

  • A countywide study of community policing (including quantitative telephone surveys and door-to-door neighborhood interviews; see ICPSR #03491)
  • Several countywide studies of citizen satisfaction with county sheriff’s office personnel
  • A survey of county jail personnel regarding privatization
  • Multiple surveys of citizens in varying jurisdictions regarding awareness of and opinions regarding specific federal court cases
  • A countywide survey of citizens regarding awareness of and opinions regarding a specific Florida court case
  • A statewide survey of citizens regarding opinions of lawyers, the Florida criminal justice system, and lawyer advertising
  • In-depth interviews with non-incarcerated professional and amateur shoplifters regarding theft motives and behaviors
  • Several national surveys of apprehended shoplifters regarding theft motives and behaviors
  • Dozens of surveys of loss prevention professionals on procedures/technologies to reduce theft
  • A nationwide study of policing agencies regarding their use of citizen surveys

The FSRC can implement surveys of a variety of groups – citizens (nationwide, statewide, countywide, citywide, or in specific regions or neighborhoods), residents, special populations, program participants – and/or provide comprehensive assessments of needs or opinions in specified service areas. We can gather information through telephone surveys, mail surveys, focus groups, intercept and in-person surveys, or internet surveys.