Research on Agriculture, Animals & the Environment

The Florida Survey Research Center (FSRC) has extensive experience in conducting research related to agriculture; animals and wildlife; and, the environment. The FSRC can help your organization evaluate the services it provides, conduct community needs assessments, and/or assess the attitudes of citizens and policy makers regarding issues related to agriculture and the environment.

The FSRC has implemented a variety of studies in these fields for various city, county, and state entities, as well as organizations and private businesses. Past clients include the State of Florida, Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) at the University of Florida, the Agricultural Institute of Florida, Florida Sea Grant, Group 5 (Recycling), Tropicana, and the National Association of Zoos and Aquariums among others.

  • Some of these research projects are summarized below:
  • A national study of perceptions of animals & wildlife conservation
  • A statewide study of Florida homeowners’ experiences with termites
  • A multi-county study of Floridians’ understanding of red tide
  • A multi-county study of Florida boat-owners’ use of boats & boating destinations
  • A statewide study of Florida fishers about their use of fish venting devices
  • Three statewide studies of Florida residents’ perceptions of IFAS
  • Three statewide studies of Florida residents’ perceptions of state agriculture
  • A multi-county study of retailer & consumer purchasing of sweet corn
  • Three multi-county studies of Florida residents’ perceptions of citrus canker
  • A study of residents in fishing communities in Florida
  • A study of IFAS Extension Directors & Staff
  • An in-depth qualitative study of Florida farmers’ perceptions of citrus greening
  • A regional study of lawn-watering & conservation practices & beliefs
  • A national study of farmers’ use of “Good Agricultural Practices”
  • A multi-county study of citizens’ attitudes about environmental issues in their communities
  • A statewide survey of Floridians’ use of pesticides in & around their homes
  • A countywide study of citizens’ understanding of “sustainable communities”

The FSRC can implement surveys of a variety of groups – citizens (nationwide, statewide, countywide, citywide, specific regions or neighborhoods), consumers, special populations, program participants – and/or provide comprehensive assessments of needs in specified service areas.